If you want your Android device to perform at optimum level, you better think twice about installing some of the most popular apps available.

Social media apps, followed by games and shopping apps, apparently take their toll on mobile devices, putting strain on not only battery but also speed, storage consumption, and data traffic, according to security firm AVG Technologies. AVG has based its findings on data aggregated from its own app currently installed on over 1 million Android devices.

The app measures how installed apps affect performance, and then AVG presents the findings every quarter. It just released a full performance report, for instance, which singles out Facebook as being the worst app overall. The social network always runs in the background, monitoring activity on the network and sending notifications, etc.

Facebook isn't the only popular app to make the "overall" list. Spotify's music-streaming app directly impacts storage capacity and data consumption, earning it the second spot. Check out the top 10 list below.

Overall performance impact

AVG pointed out that Netflix is no longer in the top 10 overall list, thanks to a November update that lessened battery drain. In addition, Amazon's main shopping app likely earned a spot in the top for overall device performance drain because the app saw an increase in use over the quarter as consumers shopped for Christmas.

It's worth noting that in a separate list detailing which games negatively affected a smartphone or tablet's free storage space, AVG named Boom Beach and Deer Hunter 2014 as the top offenders.

Don't use optimum-performance apps

If you're thinking about downloading an app that'll keep your device performing at optimum level, thus allowing you to continue using any of the apps listed above, AVG warned that many of these clean up-type apps, such as Clean Master, actually put more strain on battery, speed, storage consumption, and data traffic.

"What surprised us, however, was that some of those tools and security updates aimed at improving your phone experience, were in fact impacting it quite heavily," said Yuval Ben-Itzhak, Chief Technology Officer of AVG Technologies, in a press release. "This is not something most people would expect."

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Want to know more?

To see more information, including top 10 battery drainers run at start up (includes Beaming Service for Samsung, Security Policy Updates, and Facebook as the worst), as well as top 10 batter drainers run by users (includes Samsung WatchOn, OLX Free Classifieds, and Telstra as the worst), check out AVG's full report here.