It's that time of year again.

Google has announced that its Google I/O 2015 annual development conference will kick off in San Francisco on 28 May. It'll be livestreamed too. Registration for the two-day conference will begin at exactly 9 AM PST on 17 March. Tickets are generally priced at $900 for general admission or $300 for academic admission.

Google I/O 2014's official webpage is now live, with links to view the agenda and a recap video of last year's conference. Speaking of Google I/O 2014, the theme was Android everywhere (autos, wearables, etc). It appears this year's theme might have something to do with Material Design, as the conference's webpage has a Material Design-ish appearance.

The webpage is also a Chrome Experiment. A Chrome Experiment is an online showroom of web browser-based games, interactive experiences, and artistic projects. The Google I/O page has a settings button toward the top, and clicking it brings up a page that lets you connect guitar-like strings to various dots. Just strum the strings to play music.

Googlegoogle i o 2015 will start on 28 may but you can t register until march image 2

There's no word yet about what Google has planned for Google I/O 2014. The company uses the annual conference to not only make major announcements but also make headlines (like when it did a skydiving Glass demo in 2012).