(Pocket-lint) - When Google launched Send Money in Gmail in the US, UK dwellers could have been forgiven for feeling jealous. Now the easy way to pay is coming to the UK. Yay.

Send Money in Gmail does what the name suggests allowing people to sign into their Gmail account and send money from right there in the desktop. This even works if the person being sent the money doesn't have a Gmail address. It also means you can send for free without any charges.

So how does it work? In Gmail you hover over the attachment paperclip, click the £ icon allowing you to attach money like you would an image, enter the amount and hit send. Simple.

This works both ways so it's also possible to request money doing the process in pretty much the same way, only this one leads to receiving money in the end, ideally. This will mean you need to setup a Google Wallet Balance in order to receive the money. From then on the money will go right into your Wallet where it can be transferred to your bank, spent on Google Play or sent elsewhere.

Send Money in Gmail is beginning to roll out now in the UK and will continue to do so over the coming weeks, says Google. So keep your eyes peeled for that £ icon in the attachment option if you want to get involved.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.