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(Pocket-lint) - Google has updated its Chrome for iOS app. While the new Material Design, with fluid motion and bold graphics, is a cool addition, the most noteworthy feature is the ability to transfer from Chrome on your mobile to a browser on OS X.

Chrome for iOS now supports OS X's Handoff feature within Continuity. Yosemite has a focus on the theme of continuity. Handoff, for instance, allows the operating system to integrate with iOS 8 devices over Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi. So, when using your iPhone near a Mac, you can click an icon in your OS X dock to pick up where you left off.

Although Handoff will open your default browser, you can transfer from Chrome to Safari or simply send pages from the Chrome for Mac app to Chrome for iOS. The idea is that you'll start browsing on Chrome for iOS and then move to a Mac. It's like tab syncing, but more seamless. Or at least it's supposed to be seamless.

Ars Technica has reported that Google isn't using the Nitro JavaKit engine that Apple opened to third-party developers last autumn. Safari uses it and therefore feels faster than competing browsers running on an OS X desktop.

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Google could give Chrome the same level of web-browsing speed but for some reason hasn't yet.

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Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 21 January 2015.