(Pocket-lint) - Google wants to further take on Amazon by introducing a new "buy button" feature for online shoppers, it's claimed.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Google's Google Shopping service might soon get new features including a buy button that's similar to Amazon's one-click ordering button. Google currently sends online shoppers to merchants' websites to place orders, but a buy button would keep shoppers on Google's search results pages.

Google still won't sell or shop any products. It just wants online shoppers to easily continue searching for products through Google rather than having to leave Google's pages, then go to a merchant's website, and checkout from there. Google is also trying to get merchants to promote two-day shipping through Google Shopping, in an effort to combat Amazon Prime shipping.

Google knows product searches are a lucrative advertising-type business, and it probably wants to lead in that space as well as create an alternative to Amazon. But keep in mind none of this is confirmed. The Wall Street Journal said discussions are preliminary and may never come to fruition, especially because merchants and retailers are afraid of price competition, losing control over their image, and other factors.

Retailers who fear Amazon might soon warm up to the idea however. Unlike Amazon, Google doesn't sell products. If they want to take down Amazon, they might just have to side with Google. Google still faces various other hurdles, though. Smartphones and rival mobile-payment services, for instance, allow online shoppers to bypass search engines and use shopping apps directly from retailers.

The idea of a buy button also isn't completely new. Both Facebook and Twitter have said they are testing buy buttons. If that's the case, Google might not be able to spearhead the market and lead online shopping but will instead become an option in a sea of many similar choices.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.