Google has added a new feature to its Google Maps app that includes real time data from National Rail in the UK to inform passengers of any delays or cancellations to their trains.

Searching for public transport directions in the Google Maps app for Android or iOS will bring up any delays on trains. If a train is cancelled, the app will also route the passenger around the problem using alternative trains or local buses.

Tapping on any national rail station from within the app will also bring up the timetable with a list of departing trains in real time. Alongside each will be a note on whether they are delayed or not.

The route screen will also inform the user if there is a delay, even down to just one minute.

Google's addition is well timed with so many due to make their way to parents or other family members around the country for Christmas.

If you are planning to travel over the holidays, National Rail strongly advises that you reserve a seat on a train rather than chance it in case a train is overbooked. And check out its cheapest fares using the dedicated National Rail Fare Finder online at