Google is trying something new, and it's about how to monetise the web...without adverts. Shocking, right?

Google's new thing is Contributor. Just think of it as an experiment. In fact, Google has described it as an experiment in additional ways to fund the web. The web is mostly funded through adverts. Google AdSense, for instance, is a Google-owned program that serves up online adverts, allowing publishers to make money off their content.

Just think of it as an experiment.

But Google is now thinking outside of the box and is willing to let you browse the web without having to see adverts. All you have to do is contribute $1 to $3 a month, and then all websites that are participating in the Contributor experiment will display "thank you" message instead of adverts. And, yes, this works on both mobile and desktop.

contributor by google lets you pay a monthly fee to hide online ads image 2

A portion of your contribution goes to the creators of that site as well, meaning you're directly supporting them. Current publishers (aka participating websites) include Urban Dictionary, The Onion, Science Daily, Wiki How, Mashable, and Imgur. If you want to add your site to Contributor, contact Google at

Those of you who are regular 'ole web surfers can request an invitation to join Contributor, but there is a waitlist.