Android 5.0 Lollipop brings a range of changes to Google's OS. Available initially on the Nexus 9 and Nexus 6, but now rolling out to a wider collection of devices, there's plenty of new features to get to grips with.

If you're feeling a little lost, or don't know where to find something, our Android 5.0 tips and tricks will get you started. We've even broken it down into sections to make it easier to find what you're looking for.

Have fun exploring and be sure to let us know any hot tips of your own in the comments below. We will be adding to this list as we see more Android 5.0 Lollipop devices - but bear in mind that manufacturers like HTC and Samsung will change how Lollipop behaves on their devices. 

Android 5.0 general tips and tricks

Play Flappy Android: Lollipop's Easter Egg is an Android take on Flappy Bird. Head into Settings > About phone/tablet > Android version. Then tap the Android version repeatedly until it changes to the Lollipop screen. Once you have the full Lollipop wording visible, press and hold. You'll flip into the Flappy Android game. Enjoy!

Tap to wake: Don't reach for the power button, just double tap the display and it will wake up, so long as your device has the hardware to support it.

Search settings: Rather than rooting through everything, you can search the settings. Just open up the Settings menu and hit the magnifying glass and type what you're looking for.

Stop adding new app icons to homescreen: If you don't want new apps you install cluttering up your homescreen, head into Play Store > Settings and uncheck the box. 

Add Yahoo! Mail to Gmail: You can add Yahoo! or other mail services to Gmail. Tap the icon to open the sidebar, scroll all the way to the bottom and hit Settings > Add account. You have the option for Google, IMAP/POP3 services (like Yahoo, and Exchange.

Attach anything to Gmail: It's not new, but tap the attachment button and you can attach local files, things in Drive, Photos, Dropbox files, OneDrive box and so on. It's really flexible.

Limit Drive-enabled apps to Wi-Fi sync only: To save yourself a data bill, head into the Google Settings app > Drive-enabled apps and turn on Wi-Fi only. Alternatively, if you need it to sync on a cellular connection, switch it off!

Customise Google Now: Tap the settings icon that appears in the search bar. Here you can select the content you want to see, as well as change the settings, or place reminders.

Set a metered Wi-Fi network: Head into Settings > Data usage and select Network restrictions from the menu. Here you can set a Wi-Fi as metered, so it will restrict background data and give warnings for large downloads, perfect for tethering or Mi-Fi hotspots.

Turn off backgrounds in Calendar: Don't like the seasonal backdrop in your new calendar? Head into Settings and tap the slider to turn it off.

Turn on 5.1 surround sound: Play Movies now supports 5.1 soundtracks. Head into Settings > Enable Surround Sound. There's even a demo clip so you can test it. 

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Android 5.0 notifications tips and tricks

Instant access to lockscreen notifications: Just tap a notification twice and it will open up the app. Want to dismiss it? Just swipe it away.

Pinch to expand: Got a stack of notifications? You can pinch to expand them, both on the lockscreen and in the notifications area.

Hide sensitive information in lockscreen notifications: You can have lockscreen notifications without to much information being revealed. Head to Settings > Sound & notification > App notifications, to manage apps with sensitive information.

Then go to Settings > Sound & notification > When device is locked, to change the information revealed. This will then ensure that all apps you've marked up don't give anything away.

To mark an app as a Priority app: Head into Settings > Sound & notification > App notifications and you can set and app as a priority so you always get notifications from that app.

To turn off notifications on an app: Go to Settings > Sound & notification > App notifications. Here you can block all notifications for any app on your device.

Silence notifications: Hit the volume button and then hit None, Priority or All. If you select Priority, only your Priority notifications will be served up.

Suspend notifications: Hit the volume button, select None, then either Indefinitely, or select a time period - ideal to keep your device silent during meetings. You can also opt here to only have Priority notifications for a time period, before reverting back to all notifications. 

Quickly switch to vibrate alerts: If you want silence, but are after vibration alerts still, then push the volume button and tap the bell on the pop-up. This will switch to vibrate.

Quick Settings tips

Quickly select a Wi-Fi network: Swipe down for Quick Settings, then click the network name beneath the Wi-Fi icon. This takes you through to the Wi-Fi settings. 

Quickly manage Bluetooth: The same applies to Bluetooth. Click beneath the Bluetooth icon in Quick Settings and you'll head into settings to select your device.

Turn on flashlight: There's no need for a separate app, just tap the button in Quick Settings to turn on your flash as a torch.

Cast your screen: Want your Android device on your TV? Just swipe down and tap Cast screen and it will be sent to your Chromecast. Not all apps are supported though.

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Android 5.0 battery tips and tricks

See your battery percentage: Open Quick Settings with a two-finger swipe. Your battery percentage is displayed here.

Time till fully charged: Charge time is displayed when connected to a charger. Look at the bottom of the lockscreen and in the battery status screen, but it takes a little while for Android to calculate how long charging will take.

See what's eating battery: Swipe down Quick Settings, tap the battery icon. You'll go to the battery status page and see how long you have left and what apps are eating your battery.

Turn on power saver: In the battery status page, tap the menu button, select power saver. You can elect to have to automatically switch on at 15 per cent or 5 per cent battery. The system bars turn orange when it is on.

Multiple user tips

Limit what users can see: Create a restricted profile by tapping Settings > Users > Restricted profile. You can then limit what your children can access, for example. 

Guest profile: In the same area (Settings > Users) you can create a Guest profile. While it is setup, you'll get the option to access as a guest from the lock screen.

See how much storage they're using: If you want to know how much space is being used up by another profile, head into Settings > Storage. At the bottom of the list it says how much other profile and the guest is using.


Instant lock: In Settings > Security there's the option to lock the device as soon as the screen goes to sleep. You'll find the option to lock as soon as you press the power button too. These are old settings, but really useful.

Face unlock: Head to Settings > Security > Smart Lock. Here you can have the device register your face, so it will unlock when you look at it. This is in addition to a pattern or password. If it fails to recognise your face, you'll have to enter your password.

Bluetooth unlock: Again in Security > Smart Lock, you have the option to nominate trusted devices, so your Android will unlock when connected to something else. You can nominate Bluetooth devices (like your smartwatch or car Bluetooth) or select an NFC tag.