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(Pocket-lint) - Google announced its Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV-rivalling Nexus Player set-top-box a couple of days ago but with few details at the time.

It has since labelled it a "console" as while it is able to play media files and stream video and music content through services such as Netflix, Plex, YouTube and TuneIn, it is also capable of playing Android games.


The box, like the Fire TV, can also be matched with a compatible branded game controller made by Asus, which is sold separately and bears a striking resemblance to something we've been using for gaming for quite a while.

snap could nexus player gamepad’s uncanny similarity to onlive controller mean app is inbound  image 2

Yes, it looks similar to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers - most third-party gamepads do these days - but it looks nigh-on identical to the OnLive Universal Controller. And that leads us onto thinking that it can only be a matter of time before the cloud gaming platform will announce support for the new Google device.

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After all, yesterday it revealed that it is partnering with Samsung to provide three month's free access to its triple-A games service for all Galaxy Note 4 buyers. And the Android app has made a leap from mobile devices to Philips TVs powered by Android. It makes sense for the company to support another Android home entertainment device, surely?

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snap could nexus player gamepad’s uncanny similarity to onlive controller mean app is inbound  image 3

If we're right, the Nexus Player could be even more of an attractive games console. One that can play top full games streamed over the internet for a subscription fee. Not just Android games, many of which designed specifically for smaller, mobile screens.

We contacted OnLive to confirm but the company wouldn't comment.

The Google Nexus Player is available for pre-order from today, 17 October.

Writing by Rik Henderson.