Google is committed to mapping the entire world. It built its special Google Street View cars to map the world one road at a time. Since then it's gone well beyond the roads.

As terrain becomes more and more remote Google has had to employ the efforts of folk used to the distant parts of the planet. Folk who know how to traverse a barren landscape using the transportation of the region. That's why Google Maps is now being contributed to by people on bikes, in kayaks and now even on camels.

The camel Street View mapping has been happening near the Liwa Oasis in Abu Dhabi. The camera kit was mounted on the camel's hump as it was led along to capture the oasis, sand dunes, and even other camels.

Other competing services are also looking to map the world with HERE Maps already taking in huge amounts of road data on a regularly updated basis. There are even drones now mapping the world from the skies for computer games.

We've collected the various methods that Google has been using around the world and managed to find a photo for each. The picture gallery below shows just how far Google has gone to digitally map the world around us so we can see where we're headed before we get there.

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