Google has launched a new iOS app for presentations. Called Google Slides, it's meant to complement both Google Docs and Google Sheets.

The Google Slides app, which is also available for Android, unlocks the Slides feature in Google Drive, simply because it is now a standalone app that iPhone and iPad users can now rely upon when they want to edit and share presentation files without having to access Google Drive.

Slides not only lets you edit and share but also collaborate with other users on presentations from the iPhone, iPad, or desktop. The app even lets users create new presentations or edit existing presentations. And like other Google cloud-based apps, Slides auto-saves presentations and works offline.

But that's not all: Google promised in June that mobility was on the list in regards to making its entire productivity suite compatible with Microsoft Office. So, along with the release of Google Slides for iOS, users are now able to edit and share Office files without having the programs installed on their mobile devices.

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Google Slides, Docs, and Sheets now offer support for Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Microsoft Excel, respectively, enabling users to open and edit Microsoft documents just by using Google's mobile apps. The apps also come with auto-saving and offline-editing features.

You can download the new Google Slides app as well as the updated Docs and Sheets apps from the Apple App Store at no cost, starting today.