Google Street View will let you do everything from virtual time travel to spot the The Stig on Top Gear's test track. But now you can experience the panoramic Google Maps feature in true 3D, thanks to a third-party company that has provided an extra layer of dimension: sound.

The British arm of Italian hearing-aid company Amplifon has created ambient noise for Street View, but the technology is only available for three locations. In other words, you can now sit at your computer to both view and hear places like Balboa Park in San Diego, Place du Palais in Monaco, and Hapuna Beach in Hawaii.

"Utilising the Web Audio API platform, sounds are designated as though they were ordinary Google Maps markers, but instead of an image and information being assigned to the marker, a sound is instead," explained Amplifon, which isn't affiliated with Google, on its website.

Amplifon developed the project as a web experiment in late July, and it included all the stereophonic sounds you'd typically hear when visiting those three locations, including tourists chatting, bells clanging, waves splashing, etc. Although the sounds depend on the area, they amplify and fade as you navigate the neighborhood.

now you can listen to google maps with amplifon s sounds of street view image 3

Visit Amplifon's website to hear Sounds of Street View. The company recommended people use headphones for the best listening experience. In addition, Amplifon's website will let you submit your own sounds through a pre-coded template. Have fun!

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