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(Pocket-lint) - The Google Search app now offers a new Field Trip feature of sorts that enables Google Now to both suggest and offer details on nearby landmarks and restaurants.

Google Now is a personal assistant developed by Google. It first debuted in July 2012 as part of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It's now available in the Google Search mobile apps for Android and iOS and other platforms. Google Now is known for serving up relevant information in the form of cards. These cards range from birthdays and appointments to saved offers and weather. And now there are new cards for checking out nearby discoveries.

The Nearby discoveries cards pull information from Google's two-year-old Field Trip app. Designed to combine local search, info on your surroundings, and general reviews on places around your smartphone, FIeld Trip is a one-stop shop for going out. When paired with Google Now, the app's database can present you with detailed information on many things, such as architecture, points of interest, and local restaurants.

“When you’re traveling, you can always use a little extra help to learn more about a cool landmark, or to make sure you don’t miss the most interesting local architecture or public art,” Google said in a press release, according to BGR. “The Field Trip app from Google’s Niantic Labs was designed to allow people to discover the hidden and unique locations in the world around them — and now, when you’re traveling you’ll start seeing information from Field Trip in Google Now.”

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In other words - Google Now's ability to mention places to go and see things to see just got a whole lot more rich and engaging. You can get access to the new Field Trip feature/cards starting today, as everything is now rolling out through Google Search on iOS and Android.

Writing by Elyse Betters.