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(Pocket-lint) - With every release of Android Google likes to focus on fixing a certain issue and in Android L it's battery life. Recent testing, by ArsTechnica, of the Android L beta has revealed that Google has had a massive success.

The test used the same mobile device when comparing Android 4.4.4 KitKat to Android L beta. The result was a 36 per cent battery increase with KitKat lasting for 345 minutes and Android L still going at 471 minutes. The test kept the phone's screen on and, over Wi-Fi, refreshed a web page every 15 seconds.


So how did Google's Project Volta achieve such a huge juice jump? Efficiency. Google found that waking a device for two seconds burns two minutes of standby time, which includes apps waking the processor and model to check for updates.

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One of the solutions is called JobScheduler which batches unimportant app requests like database requests and log uploading. Developers can even keep housekeeping functions switched off until the device is connected to a power supply.

Plenty of other modifications were also made to tweak battery performance to perfection. Baring in mind this is just an early Android L beta release the final OS might be even better at saving battery. Exciting news indeed.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.