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(Pocket-lint) - Now that Microsoft makes its own phones its assault on Android and iOS for smartphone operating system market share is to ramp up. It believes that Windows Phone 8.1 is a credible alternative to the two big boys offering many features that they currently do not.

However, new features aside, it is happy to entice Android and iOS users with features they are already familiar with. And the latest leak from the Windows Phone 8.1 camp is something both use daily: folders.

A now removed support article that appeared on Microsoft's own Windows Phone site spilled the beans. Its folders functionality will work in a similar way to iOS, in that you create a generic folder for the home screen by dragging an app over another, hence putting them in the same tile.

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The removed support information also revealed that you can rename a folder afterwards if you don't like the generic automated one - just like in iOS.

As the original support posting stated that "you need to have Windows Phone 8.1 Update installed on your phone", The Verge mulls over the possibility that tile creation may come as a separate update to the main Windows Phone 8.1 rollout.

The Windows Phone 8.1 build could be available as soon as next month. Microsoft already showed Pocket-lint a selection of Nokia Lumia 930 handsets that it said featured the final build a couple of weeks ago. So it must be close.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.