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(Pocket-lint) - Google I/O is just around the corner due to start on 25 June and already its new Android OS is starting to leak. Quantum Paper is the new unified design approach which aims to bring designs together.

The next Android OS will go by a name befitting the theme: a sweet, starting with the letter L, to follow KitKat. But the design project is known as Quantum Paper, according to sources of Android Police.

Quantum Paper is looking to unify and codify systems for visual, motion, and interaction design across all platforms, including web, Android, and iOS. Until now it's gone under the name Polymer on the polymer-project.org website. This was a toolkit for designing responsive websites using customisable building blocks.

The ultimate goal is to let developers use a framework that works easily both for Google products as well as third party web apps. Perhaps a designer will be able, one day, design and build an app once that works on all mobile platforms, websites, TVs, cars, computers, the lot. The iOS app will be built using GoogleKit, though it's unclear at this stage what that will entail and why it's separate to Quantum Paper if that's supposed to be the unifier.

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From the screenshots shown above new icons can be seen including a fresh toggle, new search magnifier, different "new content" button and different "cluster" icons. These are thought to be part of Project Hera which is likely the code name for the next Android OS.

Expect to hear more from Google on it's new operating system at Google I/O from 25 June. 

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Writing by Luke Edwards.