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(Pocket-lint) - Google Glass offers plenty of possibilities for augmented reality, but has also thrown up a problem: typing. Minuum Keyboard plans to jump from an Android app to fix that by letting Glass users type with their head movements.

The app's co-founder Will Walmsley says they have been working with Google for months to develop the augmented reality keyboard. The result is an on-screen display that can be selected using head movements and taps of the touch sensitive panel on Glass. It sounds like you'd look silly but the video shows pretty minimalist movements.

The Minuum Keyboard is already available on Android and works by grouping letters for a smaller overall keyboard – ideal for smartwatches too. On Glass it could even be able to virtually project a keyboard onto a surface, like a user's arm, allowing them to tap keys like a real keyboard – eventually.

The video suggests this as a future possibility as well as eye control, once that becomes a possibility on Glass. Working in conjunction with a ring to allow gesture controlled typing is also a future possibility suggested by Minuum.

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Will Walmsley says: "Your typical augmented-reality headset is equipped with at least a small touchpad, a motion sensor and a camera. We’ve worked with Google Glass for a few months now, and have built versions that let you type either using the touchpad, or by detecting subtle head movement."

Writing by Luke Edwards.