Google has updated its Google Search for iOS app with new voice capabilities that let you ask conversational-type questions and receive a smart response.

Open the app and simply tap the microphone or say "OK Google" to get started. You can then ask a casual question like "What's the weather like?" followed by “How about this weekend?” Google will be able to recognise the two independent questions, then parse them together, and provide a useful, relevant answer.

Apart from conversational voice enhancements, the app's built-in Google Now digital assistant has received an upgrade that allows it to supply you with interesting online articles about your favourite topics, authors, and blogs as well as upcoming trips.

And finally, the app features smaller updates like the inclusion of Cricket sports cards for Google Now, faster loading of both Google Search and Google Now, and "more beautiful and fluid image results," according to Google.

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Google Now is a two-year-old personal assistant developed by Google. It responds to voice and text queries and serves up relevant information (in the form of specialised cards) based on your repeated habits, location data, search history, and information leveraged from the Knowledge Graph.

You can access Google Now in Google's Search apps for Android and iOS and in the Google Chrome browser. It's great tool for retreiving your personal data like meeting times and location information stored in emails. Recently, the Android version of Google Search notably added offline support.