Gmail is about to look very different. And the way it works will be entirely new too, it's claimed. has published some screenshots of a test version of Gmail that Google is supposedly trialing with a select group of users. The leaked screenshots reveal significant changes to the email service's web interface. In fact, the new interface is very reminiscent of Google's Google+ social network and Google Now digital assistant.

Emails in the trial now appear in a expandable/collapsible list. The Gmail sidebar - which contains labels, folders, and Google Hangouts - is no longer visible, as Google has instead opted for a sliding menu similar to the one found in Google+ and other Google services. If this interface change actually rolls out to all users, it'll be the most dramatic Gmail overhaul since the service launched roughly a decade ago. claimed the new design focuses on Google’s search. It optimises the ability to find and highlight emails and eradicates the need for organising emails into categories. There's also a new button column in the bottom right-hand corner. It provides quick access to actions like composing a new email and setting reminders (meaning Gmail will likely feature deeper Google Now integration in the future).

radical gmail overhaul leaked in screenshots revealing all new interface image 5

Other changes leaked in the screenshots include a Google Hangout drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner and the ability to "pin" email conversations rather than star or flag them. You'll also notice that emails can be snoozed and then reinstated to the top of your email list at a later time and date.

Keep in mind that Google often tests redesigns of its online services and not all of those changes come to fruition. Still, it's cool to see Google think outside of the box in terms of improving the workflow and look of products. Check out the gallery below for more photos.