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(Pocket-lint) - Google is rumoured to be building a bookmarking/favouriting service called Google Stars. And now a video demonstration of how that service will work has leaked online.

Google+ user Florian Kiersch has revealed how Google Stars will let you save, share, and organise web links. He recently posted a YouTube video and some screenshots to show off specific built-in features like folders and filters. Until now, leaks had only included marketing images and concepts, as noted by tech website The Next Web.

Google Stars looks a lot like Google Drive and other Google cloud services. The leaked video shows a main screen, for instance, where all your links will appear along with the option to export. You will notice there is a way to sort these links by folders and filters. Folders can be set to either public or private visibility for sharing - and each folder has its own name and description fields and ability to be placed into another folder, edited or deleted.

A splash screen highlights other fancy features like advanced search with auto-complete, entire page searching, and suggestions. Apparently, you will be able to browse and find bookmarks, known as Stars, in an image-rich grid, as well as add notes to Star and drag-and-drop to create folders.

Google Stars will further boast an auto-organisation tool with filters, so you can find patterns in your web content, and it'll archive any auto-detected spam and dead pages. Check out the screenshot gallery below for a closer look at the service.

Writing by Elyse Betters.