Google Now on Android devices will now give you a little nudge whenever you walk by a place that sells something you've previously inquired about online.

Google Now has updated a lot recently. It can now remember where you parked your car, for instance, and cards will even stay loaded when the internet goes kaput, etc. But now the service tells you when you're near a place that sells the goods you want. Specifically, if you've looked for a pair of boots online, and find yourself near a store that happens to offer those boots, Google Now will serve up a reminder/alert card with related price and product details.

"Now all you have to do is pop into the store and check if they’re in stock," explained Google in a Google+ post. Google Now is a great tool for serving up cards packed with personalised information based on location data, such as meeting times and directions stored in emails, but you will need to update the Google Search app to get access to the service's latest updates and handy cards.

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Google Now is a two-year-old virtual assistant developed by Google. It responds to voice and text queries and serves up relevant information (in the form of specialised cards) based on your repeated habits, location data, search history, and information leveraged from the Knowledge Graph. You can access Google Now in Google's Search apps for Android and iOS and in the Google Chrome browser.