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(Pocket-lint) - The rumour mill has been at full blast when it comes to Google's plans to replace Nexus with Android Silver.

The plan, apparently confirmed by sources of The Information, is to get rid of the Nexus brand and replace it with high-end Android Silver phones that are very similar to Nexus.

Google is thought to be aiming for the high-end of the market with its Android Silver handsets, while also regaining more control over its operating system. So where the Nexus fell down on less excellent displays and poor battery life, the Silver should excel. And where phone manufacturers skin the OS Google can offer a more premium pure alternative. But with Google Play Editions already out there it just seems like another shift towards Google hardware that leaves phone manufacturers with more competition.

Google is said to be making this attractive to manufacturers by spending on marketing and advertising thereby subsidising the kit for its hardware partners. LG and Motorola are the most likely candidates for creating kit initially, but with Google Play Edition handsets from Samsung and HTC they're likely to follow too.

Google has apparently spent as much as $1 billion to get manufacturers involved with the project. Developed markets like the US and Europe should be targeted initially, according to the source.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.