Google Helpouts is now available for iPhone. You can download the new app on Apple's App Store.

Helpouts is an online collaboration service that launched in November. It lets you share your expertise with other users through live video and real-time help from a computer or mobile devices. Users pay for your expertise either per minute or per Helpout session. You set the price, and users pay you through Google Wallet. You can access Helpouts online, through the Android app, and now on iPhone.

Helpouts for iPhone is not tablet optimised, but it is free. It also supports a range of languages including English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and more. Additionally, like the Android app, it lets you schedule video chats, though you will need to go to the web to create listings for sessions or access paid Helpouts.

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In other words, Google hasn't made Helpouts for iPhone completely feature-rich just yet. It is a first version app however, and it can only get better with time. Check out the gallery below for some screenshots.