(Pocket-lint) - Google wants your entire music library to work nicely with its Google Play Music service, so it is letting you store every track you own in the cloud via Google Play Music for Chrome.

Starting today, you can enable the Google Play Music for Chrome lab at Google Play's Music Lab page, and then you can drag and drop any music file into your Google Play Music library. This feature will allow you to upload songs into Google's cloud storage system, thus enabling you to access your entire music library through Google Play Music.

In addition to uploading songs through the browser, you can select folders on your computer. Google Play Music for Chrome will even watch and pull music from your selected folders whenever new songs are added. This handy update to the Google Play Music web app eliminates the need for Google's old Music Manager app.

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"If you have a lot of music in iTunes or if you want new music to be added automatically, you can configure this by clicking 'Add Music' at the top right of play.google.com/music," explained Google, which also announced it included a new mini-player in the web app for skipping or playing tunes.

To open the new mini-player, click the arrow in the bottom right corner of Google Play Music for Chrome. Apart from playing or skipping songs in any tab, you can also download songs, albums, and playlists directly from the web: "Uploads, downloads and the mini player are just the start, and we are excited to push the boundaries of what’s possible on the web," Google added.

Google Play Music is an online music store and streaming and storage service. It is available on Android and iOS devices, as well as web browsers, allowing up to 20,000 song uploads for free. You can also purchase tracks and a monthly streaming subscription called All Access.

Writing by Elyse Betters.