Google wants to put all of its chat services under one Hangouts roof - and in turn, means some products will die on the way. 

The company plans to kill off its Google Voice product, and put most of its services into Hangouts, according to 9to5Google.

Google Voice is Google's telecommunications product that allows PC to phone calling. If Hangouts were to gain Google Voice's functionality, this would mean the Hangouts iOS and Android apps would support VoIP calling, much like Apple's FaceTime and other services. 

A lot of Google Voice users have ported their cell phone numbers into the service, so if not done right, the closing of Google Voice could be a disaster. Presumably, these numbers would roll into Hangouts.

Google has been doing a lot of consolidating and shedding of services lately, as it works to make itself a sleeker company. Last summer, it closed down Google Reader, iGoogle, and Google Talk which was rolled into Hangouts. 

Hangouts was introduced in 2013 to be Google's all encompassing communications platform. Right now it features Talk, Google+ Messenger, and Hangouts, a video chat system present within Google+. And soon Voice functionality if 9to5Google's report comes true.