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(Pocket-lint) - Google has acquired Green Throttle Games, maker of the Green Throttle controller, publication PandoDaily first reported

The move is seen as a way for Google to improve its position in the living room, as competitors Amazon and Apple have been tipped to become more aggressive in the market. 


Google confirmed the acquisition, but didn't detail a price it paid or what it may do with the Green Throttle team and product. PandoDaily, citing sources, says the acquisition reaffirms rumours that Google will launch a set-top TV box in 2014, with a focus on gaming. 

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Green Throttle Games's platform was based on three things. There was the Atlas Controller for control, and then there was the Green Throttle Arena application, which housed the compatible games and allowed you to keep all your digital content in the one place. And the third part was an Android device - any Android device - to stream the games. 

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However, Green Throttle removed its Android app in November 2013, making the platform useless. Green Throttle didn't have much to say about the closing in November: "We'll keep you posted on the evolution of Green Throttle." That evolution has landed them at Google. 

According to The Wall Street Journal in June 2013, citing anonymous people briefed on the device, Google has a secretive and unreported prototype of a set-top box similar to Apple TV and Roku. Furthermore, reports have noted Google is in talks with media companies about licensing content for an internet TV service that aims to stream traditional TV programming over the internet.

Will Google use Green Throttle's gaming expertise for its upcoming set-top box?

Pocket-lint has contacted Google for more information, and will update you if more information comes to light.  

Writing by Jake Smith.