Google Play Store second birthday deals are now live in the UK and US.

People around the world started getting emails last week about Google giving away games, apps, music, and more to celebrate the Google Play Store's second birthday. The Google Play Store in Australia, for instance, which is ahead of the rest of the world in time zones, launched birthday sales a few days ago. Pocket-lint assumed deals for the UK and US would soon follow, and it looks like we were right.

google play store second birthday deals and freebies includes free tom hanks big image 2

The UK Google Play Store now has a birthday section for albums priced at 99p. Artists include Katy Perry, Avicii, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Imagine Dragons, and P!nk. The UK deal page also has discounts for in-app purchases, 50-per cent off sales for games like The Amazing Spider-Man, several popular books priced at just £2, and many movie deals - with the classic 80s Tom Hanks movie Big available to download free.

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In the US, the birthday deals includes everything from free apps to in-app purchase deals. There are also free songs, discounted albums, marked down books, and more. It appears that some of the deals vary depending on the region though, so check out the Google Play Store to see what's available in your area. It's unclear how long the second birthday sale will last.

Happy Birthday, Google Play!