Gmail is finally implementing an easy-to-access unsubscribe button that will appear in the header of potentially junk email from marketers.

IDG News Service reported that Google first revealed the new email feature at a closed event last week. The unsubscribe button should roll out to all users soon, meaning you'll be able to unsubscribe to marketing/promotional emails without having to go through marketers' lengthy unsubscribe process. That's because Google will auto-send unsubscribe requests to them for you.

Previously, Gmail users could access to a buried unsubscribe option in marketing emails only after they reported the email as spam. And the feature didn't always work. Adding an unsubscribe button to the header of unwanted emails now provide users with an easy way to unsubscribe and cut back the amount of times they have to report spam.

gmail unsubscribe button for pesky marketing emails now rolling out to users image 2

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It’s not clear if an automated message from Gmail to marketers will actually work, especially since it bypasses marketers' own unsubscribe processes, and it's also not clear how Gmail decides to which unwanted emails it will assign an unsubscribe option in the header. For instance, some marketing or promotional emails might have the button; others might not.

Still, Google is indicating to users that it is developing and thinking about ways of improving the Gmail experience. Google made a similar gesture last year when it began separating emails into different inboxes such as Social and Promotions, though users could choose to forgo that categorising set-up.