Google has officially closed its Currents news reader app for Android, available since December 2011. 

Google isn't leaving news junkies out to dry however, pushing Currents users over to the newer Google Play Newsstand app. 

In version 2.3 of the Currents app released to Google Play on Wednesday, the update closes the Currents app down and directs users over to the Newsstand app.

Google is honouring subscriptions made in Currents over on Newsstand, so you aren't necessarily losing anything. Once you open Newsstand for the first time, Currents features code that will disable itself - forever. 

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"Newsstand updates and replaces Google Currents, which is no longer available for download or use," Google writes. "For existing Currents users, all your subscriptions will instantly transfer and be available for you in Newsstand. Discover a better way to enjoy all the news you love with Google Play Newsstand now."

Newsstand expands on Currents' features with not only news sources, but also magazines, newspaper subscriptions and more. Google has partnered with several large publishers, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, People, Wired, Vanity Fair and Guardian, to serve content to readers.

For iOS users, the Currents app will close down, when a Newsstand app hits the platform soon.