Google has begun to roll out its new version of Google Maps to all desktop users.  

The new version of the mapping service was debuted at Google I/O 2013. Not only does the update have a new interface, but it also brings smarter functionality to Google Maps, including the ability to make simple searches like "coffee" and have it display all the coffee places nearby. 

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As with mobile apps for quite sometime, the desktop version will display the most efficient car, bike or train route. Additionally, you'll see traffic reports to let you know just how quick, or otherwise, your commute will be. 

Furthermore, to match the redesign, Google Maps now features "rich imagery" of notable landmarks, mountains, businesses and so on, available through a scrolling carousel. 

One of the cooler aspects of the new Google Maps is its real-time functionality. You can zoom out above earth to see clouds, the position of the sun, what parts of the earth are in darkness and you can even see where there are a lot of lights on. 

Google says the update should hit all users in the coming weeks.