Built by two former Google employees, Beep is aiming to be the Chromecast of speakers.

The $149 gadget connects through your speakers and Wi-Fi network to let you stream music throughout your home from a mobile phone. Essentially Beep is like Sonos, except a lot cheaper and uses the speakers you already have on hand.

Beep has been under development for the last year and a half, with a team of 10 led by Shawn Lewis and Daniel Conrad. The hardware can stream Pandora and local music files for now, with plans for other applications in the future. The audio adapter uses a click wheel to stop and start music, and has a volume knob to pump up your jam. Everything is controlled through your mobile phone, using the Chromecast option within the Pandora app to beam music through the speakers. 

The team at Beep is hoping you'll purchase multiple units of its hardware to create a network through your home. Beep will be available in the autumn, and before then, is available for a special pre-order price of $99.