Mozilla is launching a contextually aware Firefox Launcher for Android, the company announced at the InContext Conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. Even though Mozilla launched its own mobile OS last year, it wants to take over your Android home screen in the meantime.  

Mozilla has partnered with and is basing its software on EverythingMe, a contextually aware launcher already available on Google Play. Essentially, Mozilla will be packaging its Firefox for Android web browser with EverythingMe's technology for its own-branded launcher.

"The app integrates the contextual adaptive app search from EverythingMe with the Firefox for Android Web browser to offer users a personalised and customisable Web experience that is fun and intuitive," Mozilla announced. It also shared a screenshot of the software. 

mozilla planning firefox launcher for android that is contextually aware image 2

The Firefox Launcher will aim to deliver the right apps, contacts and information to the homescreen, at exactly the right place and time. "Whatever a person is into, wherever they are, they’ll get personalised suggestions that match their interests and lifestyle," EverythingMe's website says.

Mozilla says the launcher is still in development, and that it will share more information once the software is ready for beta testing.