The Google Search app is now more weather-savvy than ever, thanks to a new feature that allows you to get up-to-the-minute local conditions and even forecast data.

In response to National Weatherperson's Day in the US, an obscure holiday that recognises individuals in the fields of meteorology and weather forecasting, Google has revealed some weather-savvy tricks buried in the Google Search app.

So instead of looking at some weather app or searching for local weather forecasts on Google, you can just use the Google Search app - for instance, ask Google's app the questions "Will I need an umbrella tomorrow?" or "Is it going to snow this weekend?" You can even ask "What will the weather be like in Miami this Saturday?"

All of these voice-enabled questions will serve up the exact information you want directly within Google Search. 

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It's not clear if this weather feature is new or just being announced, but it's still noteworthy. Google also didn't specify which platform version of the Google Search app now has this capability, though it appears both the iOS and Android apps support it.