Google announced on Monday that it's opening the Chromecast software development kit to all developers. This means you should expect a ton of apps supporting Chromecast very soon. 

Google is making it easy for developers to integrate Chromecast support, with just a few lines of code from the SDK into their existing mobile and web apps needed. It will then allow users to quickly beam content to their television. The SDK is available on Android and iOS as well as on Chrome through the Google Cast browser extension. 

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Up until now, the only apps on Android, iOS and Chrome to support Chromecast have been very limited. HBO Go, YouTube, Netflix, VEVO, Hulu Plus, Songza, RedBull.TV, PostTV, Viki, Revision 3 and BeyondPod are among the handful of apps that initially partnered with Google. 

At $35 and available on Google Play, the Chromecast is an impulse buy for customers. During Google's financial earnings call last week, CFO Patrick Pichette said the Chromecast was a bestseller throughout the last quarter of 2013 on Google Play. With more apps set to support Chromecast very soon, the platform just became even more enticing.