Google wants to take Chrome apps beyond the desktop and on to iOS and Android, and released new developer tools on Tuesday to make it happen.

Called Apache Cordova, the open-source mobile development framework will help developers wrap their Chrome App with a native application shell to distribute a Chrome app via Google Play and Apple's App Store.

Included in the framework are necessary Chrome APIs that will run on mobile, including push messaging, alarms, storage, notifications on Android, and mobile payments on Android. Google wants the ported mobile apps to run just as well as their desktop counterparts.

google releases developer tools to port chrome apps to ios and android image 2

The framework shows Google's commitment to expanding the Chrome apps platform, which is necessary for its Chrome web browser and Chrome OS. In September, the company included the ability for Chrome apps to work offline and act like native applications on Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS. 

It's not clear how soon we'll begin seeing Chrome apps released to iOS and Android, but it shouldn't be long. The framework is in beta, and Google promises to "continually improve it" based on developer feedback.