Google says it will share a $2.7 million pot with anybody capable of hacking the browser-based operating system, Chrome.

Google will host its fourth Pwnium hacking contest at a Canadian security conference in March, where the prize money is on offer.

For the first time, hackers can chose to hack the OS using Intel or ARM powered laptops. Prizes of $110,000 and $150,000 will be awarded to individuals or teams who can hack the Chrome OS. Those able to compromise an HP or Acer Chromebook, and remain in control after a reboot, will be rewarded the larger prizes.

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The $2.71828 million prize fund was chosen because 2.71828 comes from a mathematical constant that is the base of the natural logarithm. Obviously.

Last year $40,000 was paid out "Pinkie Pie" who managed a partial exploit. This year Google said it would consider larger bonuses for hackers who desomstrate "particularly impressive or surprising exploit".

But even with these in play it's unlikely anyone will get near to claiming the whole of the prize fund on offer.

Pwnium 4 takes place on 12 March at CanSecWest in Vancouver. The official rules can be found on the Chromium Projects website.

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