Race Yourself is the app that Google Glass was built for, blending the real world with a virtual one to keep you fit.

Imagine a virtually created race with other runners all around you, or skiing through check points only you can see? All that and a map, speed, calories burned and time can be there at a glance.

Race Yourself was originally created by UK startup GlassFit who raised over £100,000 on CrowdCube. It's now appeared on the Race Yourself website where you can pre-order 10 exercise games for $10. There are also bundles that include a heart rate monitor or a bike cadence sensor. It will launch in spring - the likely public launch date for Google Glass.

Other games include a zombie chase where you have to escape undead hordes as you run, or a mini Tour de France for when you're cycling. It'll even display virtual loops to aim for when sky diving which looks like a mission straight out of GTA V to us.

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We love the idea but imagine running with Glass on would be an uncomfortable affair. But GlassFit claims they don't bounce at all. We'll have to give it a try before we start splashing cash.

Perhaps the most exciting part is the spring 2014 release date. Since it's a Google Glass only app aimed at the public it's a fair assumption that Glass will arrive before or at the same time - which is the common consensus right now anyway.