Google has released a new app for iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad called Google Play Movies and TV, as the company's support for iOS continues.

The release of the app not only brings Google's content on to the Apple platform, but more importantly also gives iOS users the ability to beam content over to their Chromecast. Until the app was released, iOS users only had the ability to watch Netflix and Hulu Plus content, with no way to rent or purchase.

Apple has restrictions, and that means you won't be able to buy any content through Google's new Play Movies and TV app. You must do so through an Android device or the Google Play website. The application is available for US, UK, and Japan users, with Wi-Fi required to stream content.

Still, if you find yourself having once been entrenched in Google's ecosystem and now over to iOS - you'll have a way to access your old movies and television shows. Google also offers Google Play Books and Google Play Music apps for users that still want content through the Mountain View-based company, but prefer iOS devices instead.

Google Play Movies and TV is available from the iTunes App Store.