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(Pocket-lint) - People worldwide are increasingly using mobile devices to browse the web, and Google has responded to this trend by introducing new, relevant features in Chrome for Mobile.

The first feature relates to data compression for both Android and iOS devices running Chrome. According to Google, one-fifth of US adults do most of their online browsing through smartphones.

Since this is also starting to happen elsewhere in the world, Google has announced a data compression and bandwidth management feature in Chrome that will reduce data usage, save money on your mobile plan, and enable Chrome’s Safe Browsing technology.

Just go to Settings, then Bandwidth management, and Reduce data usage. From there, you'll need to toggle the On/Off switch to On. In addition, you'll be able to track your bandwidth from this menu.

Another feature includes Google Translate. It will be available to iOS devices in the coming days, letting iPhone and iPad users translate webpages in Chrome. Just look for the translation bar whenever you're on a foreign page, and then select Translate.

The third and final feature is Application shortcuts. Available for Android devices, this feature will let you create shortcuts to your favourite websites right from your homescreen. Just select Add to Homescreen from the toolbar menu whenever you're on a page that you'd like to make into a shortcut.

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Google said the shortcut will sometimes open in a full-screen experience, depending on the website, and it will appear as a separate app in the Android app switcher.

These features are bundled in the latest release of Chrome for Mobile, which Google said should appear in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store soon. They're rolling updates though, so don't expect to have access straight away.

Writing by Elyse Betters.