Just one month after Top Gear's The Stig popped up on Google Maps Street View, the show's test track has now made a surprise appearance.

The test track is located at Dunsfold Aerodrome, Surrey. It is often used to - you guessed it - test cars, so it is therefore a regular feature on the BBC's motor vehicle show, Top Gear.

The show also features an anonymous, helmeted racing driver named The Stig. He (or she) tests cars on the show. The Stig randomly appeared on Google Maps Street View last month. In typical Stig pose, he was spotted next to the A82 in Inverness, Scotland.

Pocket-lint speculated The Stig's appearance would spark a trend of other minor TV celebrities appearing in random locations on Google Maps. Well, although Top Gear's test track isn't actually a living person, we were close enough. Right?

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To check out the test track, visit the Google Maps Street View source link below.