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(Pocket-lint) - Google+ has just announced that it will auto-generate "year in review" videos, allowing users to watch a slideshow-like clip of all their photos and highlighted moments in 2013.

Facebook launched a similar feature in 2012. It gave users a compiled look at the year through status postings, showcasing users' 20 most important moments, as chosen by Facebook's algorithm. To see a year in review on Facebook, users need to click on a "year in review" box on the left-hand side of their profile pages.


Google+ is attempting to do the same thing as Facebook, only it has created a "year in review" video rather than a compilation of postings. It will give users a focused look at the year through their own photos on Google+. The social network will only open the feature to select users though, and it's automatic.

Google said a few lucky users will simply get a notification on Google+ within the next week or so when their "year in review" video is done and waiting. Unlike Facebook, those users won't have to click a box or anything. They just need to wait. Of course, that also means some users will have videos made without their permission. Presumably, their photos in the video will be public photos.

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Beyond the "year in review" videos, Google+ also advertised its AutoAwesome photo features on Friday. Some of which included the ability to make GIFs, create highlight reels, collapse sequences into a single image, and add falling snow to photo. Check out Pocket-lint's breakdown of Google+ photos to see what else the social network can do with images.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.