If you have no spare time, and yet are inexplicably reading this, stop now. Do yourself a favour and don’t read on only to hear about the Google Santa Tracker Gumballs game. It’s dangerously addictive.

How can an online game with only two buttons be dangerously addictive? You may forget to eat, or blink, or breath. Okay now we’re overselling it. But that dose of hyperbole should have got rid of those with enough guilt to hold down a job. The rest of you lot, congratulations you’re about to get that feeling Tetris gave, or that first round of Bejeweled delivered. And it’s also packing an equally upbeat soundtrack.

The simple game delivers sweets from an elf controlling a tube. They fall on to laid out sugar canes and you control the tilt of the entire board. Guide the sweets to the chute ready for Santa to deliver. Sounds easy enough so far. But with curled ends to keep the sweets from rolling off at certain places, and multiple sweets delivered, this gets difficult fast.

We got up to level 11 then realised we needed to write something about this. It’s as addictive as sweets but, in terms of productivity, probably worse for you. But then aren’t all the best things?

Enjoy, compliments of Google.