Star of Top Gear The Stig has appeared standing in a field on Google Maps Street View.

In typical Stig pose, he's next to the A82 in Inverness, Scotland. And if you spin around, it looks like he got there in a Vauxhall Astra as there's something that looks very Astra-like sitting in the lay-by without a driver. Takes a bit of gloss off the illusion really, although it could be a clue to his real identity... Appears in Scotland, drives a Vauxhall, could The Stig be a Scottish housewife? You never know.

top gear s the stig appears on google maps street view image 2

A picture of his appearance on the site was posted by the Google Maps team at @googlemaps. "Found on #StreetView. One @BBC_TopGear tame racing driver," it said. We suspect it's a publicity stunt, but hey, why not?

To check out The Stig and his abandoned car, visit the page for the postcode IV63 6XJ and check out the Street View. Maybe it will spark a trend of other minor TV celebrities appearing in random locations on Google Maps. Could we soon see Alan Titchmarsh off the A40 near the Denham roundabout? Or Zoe Ball clearing out her coffee mug holder near the Woolley Edge services? Just think of the possibilities.