Google has released its statistics of the last year in its Google Zeitgeist 2013. Unlike other retrospective looks at the year, which we've so far seen from Apple, YouTube, Twitter and more, Google lists the top 100 trends searched for over the 12 months. Some are obvious, some less so, but all are beautifully presented on a dedicated website.

Remarkably, some of the terms we were sure would top the list haven't. For example, we'd have put money on "royal baby" being in the top three if not the most searched for in 2013. Instead, it's seventh. Number one and two are actually late entries, with the recently and sadly deceased Nelson Mandela and Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker filling those spots respectively.

Perhaps the most annoying for Google though has to be that the third most searched for term in 2013 was "iPhone 5S". The Samsung Galaxy S4 was the closest Android competitor at number eight.

You can check out all the top 100 on the dedicated Google Zeitgeist 2013 page. The software giant has also put together a video of some of the biggest moments of the year.