PhotoFast has announced a new version of the i-FlashDriveHD that will allow users to transfer content easily from an iPhone to Android phone, and vice-versa. 

Coming in 16GB, 32GB and64GB flavours, the i-FlashDriveHD uses a free iOS or Android app to transfer the files. Files can be anything from images to video to audio. Also included in the app is Dropbox support, back-up and restore, the ability to create and edit playlists, and streaming via AirPlay.

PhotoFast has left out Lightning port support from the gadget and has stuck with the old-school 30-pin connector. You'll need to use an iPhone 4S or below, or just have a Lightning adapter on your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S. The kit also comes with a micro-USB-to-USB adapter for porting files into a laptop or desktop.

i flashdrive helps you transfer files between iphone and android handsets image 2

The i-FlashDriveHD isn't cheap, costing $170 for the 16GB version, $230 for the 32GB version, and $330 for the 64GB version. 

Transferring files between smartphones can be done over internet services, but if you're looking for some nifty hardware to do the trick, the i-FlashDriveHD may be worth adding to your Christmas list (if it's here in time). PhotoFast hasn't provided a release date.