Google has updated Google Play Music for Android with the ability to store music offline, among other things.

Google Play Music for Android lets you discover, play and share music, and it features an All Access service for listening to radio and expert-crafted playlists with no limits. And now it features SD card support, meaning KitKat users with SD-capable handsets can cache tracks to their storage card for offline listening.

To cache music to your SD card, go into Music Settings. You will see the option at the bottom of the “Downloading” section.

There is experimental testing for SD card support on some older devices, so Jelly Bean users and some more ancient versions of Android could get access to this feature sometime in the near future. That's just speculation, though.

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Other new features for Google Play Music's Android app include the ability to shuffle all songs from an artist in All Access and easier sharing of links for songs, artists, albums, etc to social networks.

To share songs, tap the action overflow menu while viewing or listening a song, artist, album, etc, and you’ll see the option to “Share".