Google wants you to use Google+ for storing, sharing and pimping out photos, so it has added two new #AutoAwesome photo features that are perfect for winter and the holiday season.

Google+'s Auto Awesome tool allows you to create fun and new versions of your photos and videos. This includes things like short animations, wide panoramas, and special effects. Starting today, there are two new features at your disposal: Twinkle and Snow.

To take advantage of Twinkle, Google recommends that you upload a photo of something that sparkles to Google+. A few examples would be a Christmas tree, chandelier, or a pile of diamonds (if you're so lucky). Auto Awesome will then transform your photo into something digitally animated that lights up and twinkles.

As for snow, just upload a photo with snow to Google+ and Auto Awesome will then make it look like snow is actually falling in the foreground of your photo. You'll get a notification when Auto Awesome is done applying these animated effects and creating the final GIF file.

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"We hope these features help you celebrate the ‘wonder’ in winter wonderland," wrote Google on Google+.