Google began to roll out Android 4.4.1 to the Nexus 5 on Thursday, bringing several camera enhancements to the smartphone. 

Google says the update "improves the camera with faster focusing, especially in low light, faster white balancing, for truer colors, the ability to pinch-zoom the viewfinder in HDR+ mode and less shutter lag."

In Pocket-lint's review of the Nexus 5, we noted the camera on the Nexus 5 left a little to be desired. Google has responded five weeks after the smartphone's launch with an update. Early testing by The Verge shows some solid improvement to the camera.

google begins rolling out android 4 4 1 to nexus 5 brings camera fixes image 2

Users can check their Nexus 5 now for the update. As we always say with Android updates, they tend to be a little scattered in release. It should hit anytime now.