Google has added Street View panoramic imagery for the beautiful Italian city of Venice to its Maps service, thanks to the Street View Trekker technology that made it possible to capture the water-filled canals and tight, narrow, cobblestoned alleys and roads.

The technology - essentially a Street View camera strapped to the back of a willing victim - allows Google to get into the more obscure or difficult places that a car or trike could not fit. The backpacker even took to a Venetian gondola for the full experience. There was no sign of a Cornetto anywhere, however.

Google's task eventually meant 265 miles were travelled by foot and 114 miles on boat. We think it was well worth it, as Venice is still one of Europe's most romantic and historic locations.

You can access the Street View panoramic pictures and explore Venice yourself now on Google Maps. The site also suggests artworks and other Venetian facts and figures about its landmarks.