Following the announcement of Android 4.4 KitKat last week, more features have begun to surface. The latest is an enhanced photo editor found within the software, capable of full-size image processing and is all around said to be "pretty powerful".

Presumably taking features from its Snapseed acquisition, Google's new photo editor is found within KitKat's Gallery feature and can do the normal zooming, re-edit, image exports, and more. However, it adds more powerful tools like graduated filters, per-channel saturation controls, local adjustments, and other tools to make your photos look much better. Pre-sets can also be saved for faster editing later on.

The photo editor is non-destructive too, meaning you can revert to the original image if you mess it up. Google's Nicolas Roard has uploaded a video to YouTube highlighting the functionality of the new Gallery app, working with both phones and tablets.

If Google's plans to bring KitKat to more devices are to be believed, most smartphones and tablets should have this upgraded photo editor relatively soon.